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White turbidity and deterioration of aluminum moldings of window trim, which imported cars like European cars often have, are a big concern to car detailers since they are difficult to restore to the original state. In addition, even when the gloss is restored by using abrasive compound specially made for metal moldings such as METAL AID, it will get deteriorated soon again. ECHELON for Metal Trim is a glass coating agent for aluminum and stainless, such as window trim, grilles, roof rails and so on.
●Main ingredient:Polysilazane
●Application method: By hand

Amazing Thickness of Coat Which Gives Protective Performance

Existing glass coatings for the painted surfaces are generally wiped off once they are applied on the surfaces. Therefore, there is a limit of the thickness of the coat which stays on it. Besides, if the coat is too thick, it will become not flexible enough to correspond to the surfaces and will cause cracks. Since this product is exclusively for aluminum or stainless moldings and is developed in a unique formula, it can easily form a flexible and thick glass coat. It gives a great leveling performance, and the application method is also very easy, which is only spreading it by hand and a wiping step is not even required. Of course, you can wipe it off as well just like a normal application way to improve work efficiency.

Organic Glass Achieved the Amazing Binding Force

Generally speaking, high performance glass coat is thought to be inorganic, but for ECHELON for Metal Trim, we selected the raw materials focusing on protective force which is best suited to the materials of trims. As a result, organic glass materials were selected because they provide the coat with the certain thickness, protective force, and binding force with the surfaces of the base material rather than ease of application and gloss which are required for coatings for auto body. Also, they are good for the use in confined areas. In addition, it has a high leveling performance and gives the thickness to the coat since it does not need to be wiped off after applied.


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