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Aluminum wheels give a huge impact on the whole appearance of a vehicle, and they are exposed to a harsh environment more than the auto body, for instance, brake dust and greasy dirt can easily get on them. Besides, high temperatures produced by braking makes dirt stick to them even more. ECHELON for Wheel is a glass coating agent for aluminum wheels designed to work under such a harsh environment. It is a hybrid type using polysilazane and provides both thickness of coat and durability which are necessary to protect wheels.

Reduced Curing Time = Reduces Waiting Time of Getting the Car Back to Customer

Nowadays wheel coating is regarded as an application menu, and there are various products in the market. However, one of the biggest problems of wheel coatings is the curing time after application. Easy-to-use products which do not need so much time cannot give enough performance, and products which show a definite effect takes time for curing and car owners have to wait for a long time for the delivery of the cars. ECHELON for Wheel focuses on this problem and is formulated to reduce the curing time after the application. The surface of the coat gets dried quickly and keeps dirt away from the coat even when driving the car soon after the application. Therefore, efficient application and smooth delivery of the vehicle are possible with ECHELON for Wheel.

●Main ingredient:Polysilazane
●Application method:By spray gun / hand

Workability Best Suited for Wheels

Unlike auto body panels, the shape of aluminum wheels is more complex. Also, because a car cannot be driven until the coating applied on the wheels gets solid, if curing takes a long time, more time is naturally required. This product is an aerosol type with great workability and can be applied to detailed areas very easily. Of course, in case you would like to apply it without taking off the wheels, you can apply it by using a cloth. Since this is not viscous, a small amount efficiently spreads out, and a speedy application will be done.

Established as an Independent Application Menu

Despite the fact that wheel coating is quite effective, it is often regarded as a subordinate service of auto body coatings, and it was not treated as an independent application menu. To establish wheel coating as an independent application menu, ECHELON for Wheel includes a certificate card of application. This product will make a profit by improved cost-performance achieved by reduced curing time and introducing appropriate application price for added values.


  • 1. ECHELON for Wheel is an aerosol type product and is capable of more complex shapes.

  • 2.It is not viscous but slightly volatile. So, it is easy to wipe off.

  • 3. ECHELON for Wheel is applied only on half of the wheel. We washed the wheel which stubborn dirt is attached to with a neutral detergent one month later. You can see that the dirt is easily removed from the area where ECHELON for Wheel was applied.


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