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One of the most sensitive materials used for car interior is leather such as leather seats. There are a lot of different materials and surface processing for both artificial and genuine leather, but the common weak points of leather are that it can get dirty easily and the difficulty of care. Traditionally, main processes of leather care have been cleaning and applying treatment chemicals afterward to moisturize the leather. However, in terms of protection from dirt, not much effect is expected. Although it would seem great if a strong protective coat like glass coat on auto body was formed on leather, such a strong coat would not match the leather materials. ECHELON for Leather is a revolutionary coating agent to protect leather surfaces with glass coat without ruining the texture of leather materials.

Aerosol Type with Great Ease of Application

Taking into account the application areas and ease of application, ECHELON for Leather became an easy-to-use aerosol type. Spraying ECHELON for Leather fine and evenly on the surface after putting a masking tape on the areas which do not require the application forms a glass coat. Although basically you should leave it for a while and let it become solid after the application, it is okay to wipe it off depending on the applied area and intended uses. Also, when applying on the detailed parts, it can be sprayed on a cloth and be applied to the area by hand as well. This product excels in leveling performance and makes a uniform finish.

●Main ingredient: Polysilazane
●Application method: By spray gun / hand

Non-Crystalline Glass Coat Which Does Not Ruin the Texture of Leather

An existing glass coating for the painted surfaces forms a strong glass coat and excels in protective performance. However, if it becomes fully-crystallized on the leather surfaces, it is not able to deal with the flexibility of the leather, and that will cause cracks and peeling. ECHELON for Leather is a non-crystalline type of coat with special structure and deals with the flexibility of leather without disturbing its porous features. In addition, it protects the sensitive surfaces of leather from dirt with its great protective force of glass.

Sequence  The product is applied partially on the leather seat. After 6 months, you can easily notice the difference.


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