ECHELON for Headlight

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●Main ingredient:Organosilicon compound
●Application method: By hand

Now polycarbonate resin, rather than glass, is used for a material of headlights, and a various shapes of headlights exist. Headlights are important parts to determine the design of a vehicle. Deterioration and white turbidity of the hard coat layer of the surface of headlights are considered as a weak point of polycarbonate. It is common to polish and remove the hard coat with a water-resistant paper, buff the surface with compound to recover the transparency, and then apply a coating or paint on the surface to fix this problem. However, a product specially designed for headlights is needed to give the maximum effect to the material and conditions which are different from the painted surfaces. ECHELON for Headlight is formulated specially for headlights, and it prevents the deterioration of the coat itself and protects polycarbonate.

Weather Resistance Property Against Ultraviolet Rays

The hard coat originally on headlights uses the special kinds of paints which consider the effect of ultraviolet rays. Even so, it is impossible to avoid the effect completely, and it eventually gets deteriorated. When headlights are polished, ordinary auto body coatings do not have much resistance against ultraviolet rays, and polycarbonate gets deteriorated soon. However, this product forms a glass coat with strong siloxane bond which does not receive the excessive effect of ultraviolet rays and protects the polycarbonate surfaces for a long time.

Leveling of Headlight Coatings

Coating agents to protect headlights require thickness of coat which gives physical protection and high leveling quality without turbidity since the base of the coat is transparent. ECHELON for Headlight’s special formula gives the appropriate viscosity and concentration which easily form a flat and smooth layer. The high quality finish is achieved by hand application.

  • Before

  • After


  • 1.A deteriorated headlight

  • 2.Remove the deteriorated hard coat layer of the headlights doing an appropriate preparation such as polishing.

  • 3.Apply ECHELON for Headlight with a special sponge.

  • 4.Wipe it off with cloth. Repeat the step again and finish.


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