Undoubtly the High-end Coating Product Within the ECHELON Series

For Users Looking for a Higher-grade Zen-Xero with an Even Higher Durability

Product Features

  • Extremely high coating durability of 3-5 years.
  • ・The special Accelerator of Zen-Xero technology strongly bonds the glass coating to the painted surface.
  • ・Due to a chemical reactive curing with a 3-component blended mixture realizes the best coating formation and a trouble-free application.
  • ・With the highest performance and durability, Zen-Xero is undoubtedly the high-end coating product within the ECHELON series.

Other Features

The Secret of the Durability of Water-repellency Effect

In traditional coating products, the base components for the water-repellency effect (fluorine, methyl, etc) stay as a deposit only on the surface of the coat. For this matter, water-repellency effect tends to weaken significantly over time.
Zen-Xero Smart has achieved the complete fusion of glass component and fluorine. Due to the evenly blended fluorine in the glass coat, the base of water-repellency effect stays in the coat, which makes water-repellency last for a long time even as the thickness of the coat decreases.

The base of water-repellency effect is only formed on the surface of the coat. The water-repellency effect weakens as the surface coat wears out.

The base of the water-repellency effect is evenly incorporated in the glass coat, ensuring that water-repellency lasts even as the coating surface wears out.

The New and Advanced Zen-Xero Technology

Existing glass coatings for paint established the intensity of the coat itself. However, they all still had a room for improvement in terms of bonding with the painted surfaces. The binding force was weak since inorganic glass components had to be bound with organic painted surface, and the coat was barely caught in the fine bumps of the painted surfaces.

Zen-Xero Smart uses special Accelerator (primer agent) to ensure a stronger bonding between the coat and the paint. The Accelerator has the unique hybrid structure to bind its organic substance to the painted surface and its inorganic substance to the coating layer on top and strongly binds them together. Besides, the Accelerator itself forms a glassy layer, and that gives the surface deep gloss and smoothness and facilitates a 100% performance of Zen-Xero Smart.

Complete Fusion of Glass Component and Fluorine

Fluorine is evenly aligned between silica bonds, and that gives the coat excellent water-repellency and smoothness.

Dynamic Water-repellency with Functionality

Zen-Xero Smart's dynamic water-repellency was achieved by finding a perfect balance of many different elements: appropriate raw materials, the perfect blending ratio, smoothness of the coat's surface, the ideal water-contact angle, and many others. It is not enough to simply bind fluorine components to the surface of the coat.
The base component of Zen-Xero Smart is silicone, and its special metallic binders link with an even distribution of fluorine throughout the coat. In addition, the water-contact angle is adjusted by changing the blending ratio of fluorine and creating an amazing smoothness on the glass coat, which brings out an excellent and effective water run-off performance.


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